5 Differences


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5 Differences is an Android version of the classic game where you have to spot five differences between two photographs. As you might expect, it is a very simple game, in which all you need to do is to tap the part of the photo where you see a difference. With this game, you get to train your visual acuity, and have fun at the same time.

In all, there are more than 200 levels in 5 Differences, which means there are basically 200 photos to find differences in. As you might imagine, the fewer times you tap the screen, the more points you receive for completing the level. As such, the game deters you from simply 'pounding' the screen in search of differences. What's more, the app has a kind of 'friendly wildcard,' which supposedly helps you to find more differences.

5 Differences is a spot-the-difference game which is as simple (or complex) as this kind of game can ever be. Naturally, it is an entertaining pastime for those in search of traditional games. Besides, it is one those videogames that works on practically any Android device, however old it is.
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